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Performance, Placement, and Range Guidelines

You should select the physical placement of your WiFi range extender to maximize the network speed. The operating distance or range of your wireless connection can vary significantly based on the physical placement of the WiFi range extender. The latency, data throughput performance, and notebook power consumption of wireless adapters also vary depending on your configuration choices.

Note: Failure to follow these guidelines can result in significant performance degradation or inability to wirelessly connect to the WiFi range extender. For complete range and performance specifications, see Appendix A, Technical Specifications."

For best results, place your WiFi range extender:

The time it takes to establish a wireless connection can vary depending on both your security settings and placement. WEP connections can take slightly longer to establish. Also, WEP and WPA-PSK \encryption can consume more battery power on a notebook computer.

When used on a metallic surface, MIMO units must be oriented vertically to ensure proper operation:

Figure 1-1

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