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How to Block Keywords and Sites

The ADSL Modem Wireless Router allows you to restrict access to Internet content based on functions such as Web addresses and Web address keywords.

  1. Log in to the modem router at its default LAN address of with its default User Name of admin, default password of password, or using whatever Password and LAN address you have chosen for the modem router.
  2. Select the Block Sites link of the Security menu.

    Figure 4-3

  3. To enable keyword blocking, select one of the following:
    • Per Schedule-to turn on keyword blocking according to the settings on the Schedule page.
    • Always-to turn on keyword blocking all of the time, independent of the Schedule page.
  4. Enter a keyword or domain in the Keyword box, click Add Keyword, then click Apply.
  5. Some examples of Keyword application follow:

    • If the keyword "XXX" is specified, the URL <> is blocked.
    • If the keyword ".com" is specified, only Web sites with other domain suffixes (such as .edu or .gov) can be viewed.
    • Enter the keyword "." to block all Internet browsing access.
    • Up to 32 entries are supported in the Keyword list.

  6. To delete a keyword or domain, select it from the list, click Delete Keyword, then click Apply.
  7. To specify a trusted user, enter that computer's IP address in the Trusted IP Address box and click Apply.
  8. You can specify one trusted user, which is a computer that will be exempt from blocking and logging. Since the trusted user will be identified by an IP address, you should configure that computer with a fixed IP address.

  9. Click Apply to save your settings.

    Note: The Block Sites feature is disabled when the Trend Micro Home Security feature is enabled. This is because the Trend security system has incorporates its own site- blocking capability.

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