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How to Set Your Time Zone

In order to localize the time for your log entries, you must specify your Time Zone:

  1. Log in to the modem router at its default LAN address of with its default User Name of admin, default password of password, or using whatever Password and LAN address you have chosen for the modem router.
  2. Select the Schedule link of the Security menu to display menu shown below.

    Figure 4-11

  3. Select your time zone. This setting will be used for the blocking schedule according to your local time zone and for time-stamping log entries.
  4. Select the Adjust for daylight savings time check box if your time zone is currently in daylight savings time.

    Note: If your region uses Daylight Savings Time, you must manually select Adjust for Daylight Savings Time on the first day of Daylight Savings Time, and clear it at the end. Enabling Daylight Savings Time will cause one hour to be added to the standard time.

  5. The modem router has a list of NETGEAR NTP servers. If you would prefer to use a particular NTP server as the primary server, enter its IP address under Use this NTP Server.
  6. Click Apply to save your settings.

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