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Planning a VPN

When you set up a VPN, it is helpful to plan the network configuration and record the configuration parameters on a worksheet:

Table 7-1. VPN Tunnel Configuration Worksheet
Connection Name:
Pre-Shared Key:
Secure Association -- Main Mode or Manual Keys:
Perfect Forward Secrecy -- Enabled or Disabled:
Encryption Protocol -- DES or 3DES:
Authentication Protocol -- MD5 or SHA-1:
Diffie-Hellman (DH) Group -- Group 1 or Group 2:
Key Life in seconds:
IKE Life Time in seconds:

VPN Endpoint

Local IPSec ID

LAN IP Address

Subnet Mask
FQDN or Gateway IP
(WAN IP Address)

To set up a VPN connection, you must configure each endpoint with specific identification and connection information describing the other endpoint. You must configure the outbound VPN settings on one end to match the inbound VPN settings on other end, and vice versa.

This set of configuration information defines a security association (SA) between the two VPN endpoints. When planning your VPN, you must make a few choices first:

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