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ADSL Settings

Note: For information about how to install ADSL filters, see the NETGEAR Router Setup Manual.

The default ADSL settings of your modem router work fine for most ISPs. However, some ISPs use a specific multiplexing method and virtual circuit number for the virtual path identifier (VPI) and virtual channel identifier (VCI).

Note: You must use the Setup Wizard to select the correct country for the default ADSL settings to work.

If your ISP provided you with a multiplexing method or VPI/VCI number, then enter the setting:

  1. From the main menu, select ADSL Settings. The ADLS Settings screen displays.

    Figure 1-5

  2. In the Multiplexing Method drop-down list, select LLC-based or VC-based.
  3. For the VPI, type a number between 0 and 255. The default is 8.
  4. For the VCI, type a number between 32 and 65535. The default is 35.
  5. In the DSL Mode drop-down list, select Auto (Multi-mode), ADSL (G.DMT), ADSL2, or ADSL2+. In almost all cases Auto (Multi-mode), which is the default, will work well. In rare cases, setting the mode to ADSL or ADSL2+ may resolve interoperability issues.
  6. Click Apply.

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