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Configuring the WAN Mode

The WAN ports of the ProSafe Wireless ADSL Modem VPN Firewall Router can be configured for NAT or Classical Routing. You must select one of them-NAT being the most common:

Depending on the WAN port configuration of the ProSafe DGFV338, you can select one of two options:

WAN failure is detected using DNS queries to a DNS server, or a Ping to an IP address. For each WAN interface, DNS queries or Ping requests are sent to the specified IP address. If replies are not received, the corresponding WAN interface is considered down.

To configure the WAN mode:

  1. Select Network Configuration from the main menu and WAN Mode from the submenu. The WAN Mode screen will display.
  2. Select either the NAT or Classical Routing radio button. If you have a single Internet address, you must use NAT.
  3. Figure 2-9

  4. Select your WAN port configuration:
    • Select the Auto-Rollover radio button and designate the rollover port from the pull-down menu. Auto-Rollover is available only if you have connected and configured both an ADSL ISP and an Ethernet ISP connection.
    • Select the Use Dedicated WAN port radio button and select the dedicated port from the pull-down menu if you have configured and are connected to only one port.
  5. Select the WAN Failure Detection Method, if Auto-Rollover is selected:
    • Select DNS lookup using this DNS Server and enter the server address (default), or
    • Select the Ping to this IP address and enter the ping address.
    • Once a rollover occurs, when the primary port is restored, the router will automatically switch back to the designated primary port.

      The default time to roll over after the primary WAN interface fails is 2 minutes (e.g., a 30-second minimum test period, times a minimum of four tests).

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