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Blocking Internet Sites

If you want to reduce incoming traffic by preventing access to certain sites on the Internet, you can use the wireless firewall Web Components filtering and Key Word Blocking. By default, both are disabled; all requested traffic from any Web site is allowed. When enabled, if users try to access a blocked site, they see a "Blocked by NETGEAR" message.

Keyword application examples:

The following screen (Figure 4-17) illustrates the use of Keyword Blocking and adding Trusted Domains.

Figure 4-17

To block keywords or Internet domains:

  1. Check the Yes radio box in the Turn keyword blocking on? section and click Apply. (The default is No.)
  2. Select the Web Components you want to enable and click Apply.
  3. Check the boxes next to the group names in the Apply Keyword Blocking to list to specify for which groups you want to implement Keyword Blocking. Only those PCs that are in one of the specified groups will undergo the filtering process. Click Enable. Only those groups names selected with show their status as enabled.
  4. Enter a Blocked Keyword in the Add Blocked Keyword table and click Add. The word or domain name will appear in the Blocked Keywords table. Any number of keywords or domain names may be added to the list.
  5. In the Add Trusted Domain table, enter the name(s) of any domain for which the keyword filtering will be bypassed and click Add. The domain name must be exact; e.g., entering would be allowed as a trusted domain exempt from filtering. The Trusted Domain will appear in the Trusted Domains table and will be exempt from filtering.

To delete keywords or domain names:

  1. Check the box adjacent to the keyword or domain name to be deleted and click Delete.
  2. Delete all keywords or domain names by clicking Select All and then Delete.

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