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WAN Setup

You can view or change the WAN setup for the modem router. On the main menu, under the Advanced heading, select WAN Setup to display the following screen:

Figure 5-1

The following table describes the settings on the WAN Setup screen.

Table 5-1. WAN Setup  
PVC Name
Connection link name
The VPI/VCI settings (see Table 5-2. for an explanation of these settings)
Unspecified Bit Rate (guaranteed QoS for Asynchronous Transfer Mode networks)
NAT (Net Address Translation)
NAT automatically assigns private IP addresses (10.1.1.x) to LAN-connected devices.
On. NAT is enabled.
Off. NAT is disabled. Disable NAT only if you are sure that you do not require it. For example, if the modem router is on the same network as a router that is using NAT.
QoS (Quality of Service)
The modem router supports QoS applications.
WAN IP Address
The method that the ISP uses to assign the WAN IP address. If your ISP assigns private IP addresses, your private WAN IP address is shown here. Otherwise the setting is Auto Assigned.
The MTU (Maximum Transmit Unit) value set in the LAN IP screen. See LAN IP Setup.
Add button
For adding a Permanent Virtual Conection (PVC) to the WAN see the following section.

To add or edit PVCs:

  1. On the WAN Setup screen, click Add, and the following screen displays:

    Figure 5-2

  2. Enter and VPI and numbers and select the Service Category from the pull-down menu.
  3. Click Next to continue. The Connection Type screen displays.
  4. Figure 5-3

Table 5-2. PVC and Internet Connection Type Settings 
The Virtual Path Identifier (VPI) identifies the virtual path between endpoints in an ATM network. The valid range is from 0 to 255.
The Virtual Channel Identifier (VCI) identifies the virtual channel endpoints in an ATM network. The valid range is from 32 to 65535
(1 to 31 is reserved for well-known protocols).
Service Category
The size and rate for the packets of the data is different, depending on the service type. Select a category from the drop-down list. UBR without peak cell rate (PCR) is the default setting.
Internet Connection Type
PPP over Internet (PPPoE)
Encapsulation Type
LLC/SNAP is the default setting
Enable QoS
Quality of Service (QoS) support is enabled by default.
Enable 802.1Q VLAN Tagging
When in bridged mode, allows multiple computers to share the same physical network.

The following table describes the PVC settings.

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