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Managing your Certificate Revocation List (CRL)

A CRL file shows certificates that have been revoked and are no longer valid. Each CA issues their own CRLs. It is important that you keep your CRLs up-to-date. You should obtain the CRL for each CA regularly.

In the Certificates menu, you can view your currently-loaded CRLs and upload a new CRL.
To view and upload CRLs:
  1. Select VPN > Certificates from the main menu.
  2. The Certificates menu will display showing the Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) table at the bottom of the screen.

    Figure 7-15

    The CRL table lists your active CAs and their critical release dates:

    • CA Identify - The official name of the CA which issued this CRL.
    • Last Update - The date when this CRL was released.
    • Next Update - The date when the next CRL will be released.
  3. Click Browse and locate the CRL file you previously downloaded from a CA.
  4. Click Upload. The CRL file will be uploaded and the CA Identity will appear in the Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) table. If you had a previous CA Identity from the same CA, it will be deleted.

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