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Configuring the WAN Mode

The WAN Mode screen allows you to configure how your router uses your external Internet connections; for example, your WAN port or dialup modem connections.

To configure the WAN Mode:

  1. Select Network Configuration from the main menu and WAN Mode from the submenu. The WAN Mode screen will display.
  2. Check either the NAT or Classical Routing radio box. NAT is the default.
  3. Select the Port Mode. The Port Mode settings allow you to configure your router to use only one WAN port or to select the Dialup port as a backup.
    • If you are connected to only one ISP, then check the Use only single WAN port and select the WAN port that is connected to your ISP from the pull down menu.
    • If you have both ISP links connected for Internet connectivity, check the Primary Broadband with Dialup as backup for auto-rollover.
  4. The WAN Failure Detection Method must be configured to notify the router of a link failure if you are using Dialup as a backup to engage auto-rollover. The router checks the connection of the primary link at regular intervals to detect its status. Check the radio box of one the following methods to detect link failure:
    • Select DNS lookup using configured DNS Servers to detect failure of the Broadband link, using the DNS servers configured in the Broadband ISP Settings screen.
    • Select DNS lookup using this DNS Server and enter the IP address of the DNS server to specify a DNS server for detecting WAN failure
    • Select Ping to this IP address and enter an IP address to detect WAN failure by pinging to an IP address. Ensure that this destination host is reliable.
    • If a failure is detected on the primary broadband connection, the secondary dialup connection connects to the Internet. When the primary connection is detected as back online, the secondary dialup connection disconnects.

  5. Enter a Test Period, in seconds, to tell the router how often it should run the configured detection method. The default is 30 seconds.
  6. Enter the number of router failures that should occur before the router rolls-over to the Dialup port. The default is 4.
  7. Enter Apply to save your settings or Cancel to revert to the previous settings.

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