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Single IP Address Operation Using NAT

In the past, if multiple computers on a LAN needed to access the Internet simultaneously, you had to obtain a range of IP addresses from the ISP. This type of Internet account is more costly than a single-address account typically used by a single user with a modem, rather than a router. NETGEAR products use an address-sharing method called Network Address Translation (NAT). This method allows several networked computers to share an Internet account using only a single IP address, which may be statically or dynamically assigned by your ISP.

The router does this by translating the internal LAN IP addresses to a single address that is unique on the Internet. The internal LAN IP addresses can be either private addresses or registered addresses. For more information about IP address translation, refer to RFC 1631, The IP Network Address Translator (NAT).

The following figure illustrates a single IP address operation.

Figure 2-3

This scheme offers the additional benefit of firewall-like protection because the internal LAN addresses are not shown to the Internet connection. This filtering can prevent intruders from probing your system. However, using port forwarding, you can allow one computer (for example, a Web server) on your local network to be accessible to outside users.

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