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Wireless Networking Basics

Chapter 1 About This Manual

Audience, Scope, Conventions, and Formats

How to Use this Manual

How to Print this Manual

Chapter 2 Wireless Networking Basics

Wireless Networking Overview

Infrastructure Mode

Ad Hoc Mode (Peer-to-Peer Workgroup)

Network Name: Extended Service Set Identification (ESSID)

Wireless Channels

WEP Wireless Security

WEP Authentication

WEP Open System Authentication

WEP Shared Key Authentication

Key Size and Configuration

How to Use WEP Parameters

WPA Wireless Security

How Does WPA Compare to WEP?

How Does WPA Compare to IEEE 802.11i?

What are the Key Features of WPA Security?

WPA Authentication: Enterprise-level User Authentication via 802.1x/EAP and RADIUS

WPA Data Encryption Key Management

Is WPA Perfect?

Product Support for WPA

Supporting a Mixture of WPA and WEP Wireless Clients

Changes to Wireless Access Points

Changes to Wireless Network Adapters

Changes to Wireless Client Programs

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