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WEP Wireless Security

The absence of a physical connection between nodes makes the wireless links vulnerable to eavesdropping and information theft. To provide a certain level of security, the IEEE 802.11 standard has defined two types of authentication methods, Open System and Shared Key. With Open System authentication, a wireless computer can join any network and receive any messages that are not encrypted. With Shared Key authentication, only those computers that possess the correct authentication key can join the network. By default, IEEE 802.11 wireless devices operate in an Open System network. Recently, Wi-Fi, the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance
( developed the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), a new strongly enhanced Wi-Fi security. WPA will soon be incorporated into the IEEE 802.11 standard. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is discussed below, and WPA is discussed on page 2-8.

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