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DHCP Configuration of TCP/IP in Windows XP

  1. Open the Network Connection Window.

    1. Select Control Panel from the Windows XP Start Menu.
    2. Select the Network Connections icon on the Control Panel.
    3. The Network Connection window displays as shown here. The Connections List is located to the right of that window.

  2. Go to the Network Connection Status window.

Note: Administrator logon access rights are needed to use this window.

Double-click the Connection you will use.

The Local Area Network Connection Status window opens, as shown here. This box displays the connection status, duration, speed, and activity statistics.

  1. Go to Properties.

    1. Click the Properties button to view details about the connection.
    2. The TCP/IP details are shown on the Support tab page.

    3. Select "Internet Protocol", and click Properties to view the configuration information.
  2. Set DHCP for TCP/IP.

    1. Verify that the following two radio buttons are selected:
      • Obtain an IP address automatically
      • Obtain DNS server address automatically
    2. Click the OK button.
    3. This completes the DHCP configuration of TCP/IP in Windows XP for this computer.

    4. Repeat these steps for each computer with this version of Windows on your network.

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