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Security Association

IPSec introduces the concept of the Security Association (SA). An SA is a logical connection between two devices transferring data. An SA provides data protection for unidirectional traffic by using the defined IPSec protocols. An IPSec tunnel typically consists of two unidirectional SAs, which together provide a protected, full-duplex data channel.

The SAs allow an enterprise to control exactly what resources may communicate securely, according to security policy. To do this an enterprise can set up multiple SAs to enable multiple secure VPNs, as well as define SAs within the VPN to support different departments and business partners.


SAs operate using modes. A mode is the method in which the IPSec protocol is applied to the packet. IPSec can be used in tunnel mode or transport mode. Typically, the tunnel mode is used for gateway-to-gateway IPSec tunnel protection, but transport mode is used for host-to-host IPSec tunnel protection. A gateway is a device that monitors and manages incoming and outgoing network traffic and routes the traffic accordingly. A host is a device that sends and receives network traffic.

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