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NETGEAR 54 Mbps Wireless Access Point WG602v4 Reference Manual

About This Manual

Audience, Scope, Conventions, and Formats

How to Use This Manual

How to Print this Manual

Revision History

Chapter 1 Introduction

About the NETGEAR WG602v4 54 Mbps Wireless Access Point

Support for Standards

Key Features

802.11b/g Standards-based Wireless Networking

Autosensing Ethernet Connections with Auto Uplink

Wireless Multimedia (WMM) Support

Compatible and Related NETGEAR Products

What's In the Box?

Hardware Description

WG602v4 Wireless Access Point Front Panel

WG602v4 Wireless Access Point Rear Panel

Chapter 2 Installation and Configuration

Placement and Range Guidelines

System Requirements

Basic Setup and Installation

Installing the WG602v4

Selecting Basic IP Settings Options

Verifying Wireless Connectivity

Deploying the Wireless AP

Logging Into the WG602v4

IP Address Login

NetBIOS Name Login

Wireless Security Options

Configuring Wireless Security

Wireless Settings Information Form

Configuring WEP Wireless Security

Configuring WPA-PSK Wireless Security

Configuring WPA2-PSK Wireless Security

Configuring WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Wireless Security

Restricting Wireless Access by MAC Address

Chapter 3 Management

Viewing General Information

Viewing a List of Attached Devices

Upgrading the Wireless Access Point Software

Rebooting and Resetting Factory Defaults

Rebooting the Wireless AP

Restoring Factory Default Settings

Using the Reset Button to Reboot or Restore Factory Defaults

Changing the Administrator Password

Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration

Configuring Access Point Modes

Configuring a WG602v4 as a Point-to-Point Bridge

Configuring Wireless Multi-Point Bridging

Configuring Repeater with Wireless Client Association

Client Mode Configuration

Advanced Wireless Settings

Chapter 5 Troubleshooting


No lights are lit on the access point.

The Ethernet LAN light is not lit.

The Wireless LAN activity light is not lit.

I cannot configure the wireless access point from a browser.

I cannot access the Internet or the LAN with a wireless capable computer.

When I enter a URL or IP address I get a timeout error.

Using the Reset Button to Restore Factory Default Settings

Appendix A Default Configuration and Technical Specifications

Default Configuration Settings

Technical Specifications

Appendix B Related Documents

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