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Blocking Access to Internet Sites

The Wireless-G Router allows you to restrict access based on Web addresses and Web address keywords. Up to 255 entries are supported in the Keyword list.

Keyword application examples:

To block access to Internet sites:

  1. Select Block Sites under Content Filtering in the main menu. The Block Sites screen displays.

    Figure 3-1

  2. Enable keyword blocking by selecting either Per Schedule or Always.
  3. To block by schedule, be sure to specify a time period in the Schedule screen. For information about scheduling, see Scheduling Blocking.

    Block all access to Internet browsing during a scheduled period by entering a dot (.) as the keyword, and then set a schedule in the Schedule screen.

  4. Add a keyword or domain by entering it in the keyword field and clicking Add Keyword. The keyword or domain name then appears the Block sites containing these keywords or domain names list.
  5. Delete a keyword or domain name by selecting it from the list and clicking Delete Keyword.

  6. You can specify one trusted user, which is a computer that is exempt from blocking and logging. Specify a trusted user by entering that computer's IP address in the Trusted IP Address fields.
  7. Since the trusted user is identified by IP address, you should configure that computer with a fixed IP address.

  8. Click Apply to save all your settings in the Block Sites screen.

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