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Connecting Your Wireless Router

To connect your wireless router:

  1. Connect the wireless router, the computer, and the modem.
    1. Turn off your computer.
    2. Turn off and unplug the cable or ADSL broadband modem.
    3. Locate the Ethernet cable (1) that connects your computer to the modem.

      Figure 1-5

    4. Disconnect the cable at the modem end only (2).
    5. Securely insert the free end of the cable (1) into a LAN port on the router, such as LAN port 4 (3).

      Figure 1-6

    6. Securely insert the yellow cable (5) that came with your wireless router into the yellow Internet port of the wireless router (4) and the other end into the modem (2).

      Figure 1-7

    7. Your network cables are connected, and you are ready to start your network.

  2. Start your network in the correct sequence

    Warning: Failure to start or restart your network in the correct sequence could prevent you from accessing the Internet.
    1. First, plug in and turn on the cable or DSL modem. Wait 2 minutes.
    2. Now, plug the power cord into your wireless router and into a power outlet. Wait 1 minute.
    3. Last, turn on your computer.

      Note: For DSL customers, if software logs you in to the Internet, do not run that software. You may need to go to the Internet Explorer Tools menu > Internet Options > Connections tab page and select “Never dial a connection.”

      Figure 1-8

    4. Check the wireless router status lights to verify the following:
      • Power: The power light should turn solid blue. If it does not, see Power LED Not On.
      • Test: The test light should turn solid green when the router is first turned on, then go off. If after 2 minutes it is still on, see Basic Functioning.
      • Wireless: The wireless light should be on. The Smart Wizard sets up the wireless feature of your router.
      • Internet: The Internet port light should be lit. If it is not, make sure that the Ethernet cable is securely attached to the wireless router Internet port and that the modem, and the modem is powered on.
      • LAN: A LAN light should be lit. Green indicates that your computer is communicating at 100 Mbps; amber indicates 10 Mbps. If a LAN light is not lit, check that the Ethernet cable from the computer to the router is securely attached at both ends, and that the computer is turned on.

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