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Configuring Your Basic WLAN Settings

The following section describes how to log in to the wireless access point and configure the basic WLAN settings.

To log in and configure the WN802T v2 for LAN access:

  1. Connect to the WN802T v2 by opening a browser window on your PC and entering in the address field. The WN802T v2 Login screen displays (see Figure 2-1).
  2. Enter admin for the user name and password for password, both in lower case letters.
  3. Figure 2-1  Login screen

  4. Click Login. The main menu of the WN802T v2 displays as shown in Figure 2-2.
    • When the wireless access point is connected to the Internet, you can click the Documentation link under the Support menu to view the documentation for the wireless access point online (see Figure 6-2).
    • When connected to the Internet, you can also click Knowledge Base to access NETGEAR's knowledge base online.
    • Click Logout to exit the WN802T v2. (You will automatically be logged out of the wireless access point after 5 minutes of no activity.)

To set the Access Point Name and Country/Region:

  1. On logging in, the General settings screen under Configuration > System > Basic displays..

    Figure 2-2  Access Point name and Country/Region

  2. Enter the Access Point Name of the WN802T v2.
  3. The access point name is printed on the back label of the WN802T v2. The default is netgearxxxxxx, where xxxxxx represents the last 6 digits of the WN802T v2 MAC address. You may modify the default name with a unique name up to 15 characters long.

  4. Select the country/region where the WN802T v2 can be used.

    Note: If your country or region is not listed, please check with your local government agency.
  5. Click Apply to save your settings.

To select the local time zone:

  1. Select Configuration > System > Basic > Time. The Time Settings screen displays.

    Figure 2-3  Local time zone settings

  2. Configure the following information:
    • Time Zone. From the pull-down menu, select the local time zone for your wireless access point from a list of all available time zones. The default is Pacific Time (US-Canada).
    • Daylight Saving. This option is always disabled. The default is no adjustment.
    • Current Time. The AP gets the current time from its system clock, or an NTP server if this is enabled.
    • NTP Client. Enable NTP Client to synchronize the time of the access point with an NTP Server. The default is Enabled.

      Note: You must have an Internet connection to get the current time from an NTP server.
    • Use Custom NTP Server. Check the option if you have a custom NTP server. The default is Disabled.
    • Hostname/IP Address. Enter the host name or the IP address of the custom NTP server. The default is
  3. .Click Apply to save your settings.

To configure the Basic LAN settings:

  1. Select IP under Configuration on the main menu. The IP Settings screen displays (see Figure 2-4).The default settings should be suitable for most users and environments.
  2. Figure 2-4  Basic IP settings

  3. Enter the IP Settings fields of the WN802T v2.
    • DHCP Client. By default, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client is disabled. If you have a DHCP server on your LAN you can enable DHCP and the wireless access point will get its IP address, gateway and DNS server settings automatically when you connect the WN802T v2 to your LAN.
    • IP Address. Enter the IP Address of your wireless access point. The default IP address is To change it, enter an unused IP address from the address range used on your LAN; or enable DHCP.
    • IP Subnet Mask. Enter the subnet mask based on the IP address that you assign. The default is
    • Default Gateway. Enter the IP address of the gateway for your LAN. For more complex networks, enter the address of the router for the network segment to which the wireless access point is connected.
    • Primary DNS Server. The WN802T v2 uses this IP address as the primary Domain Name server used by stations on your LAN.
    • Secondary DNS Servers. The WN802T v2 uses this IP address as the secondary Domain Name Server used by stations on your LAN.
  4. Click Apply to save your Basic IP settings.

    Note: If you change the default subnet of the LAN IP address, you will be disconnected from the NETGEAR Wireless-N Access Point user interface. To reconnect, reconfigure your computer with a static IP address within the new LAN IP subnet.

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