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Restricting Wireless Access by MAC Address

The Access Control List option lets you block the network access privilege of any specified stations through the NETGEAR Wireless-N Access Point. When you enable access control, the access point only accepts connections from clients on the selected access control list. This provides an additional layer of security.

Note: When configuring the WN802T v2 from a wireless computer whose MAC address is not in the access control list, if you select Turn Access Control On, you will lose your wireless connection when you click Apply. You must then access the wireless access point from a wired computer or from a wireless computer that is on the access control list to make any further changes.

To restrict access based on MAC addresses:

  1. Log in to the WN802T v2 using the default address of, user name of admin and default password of password, or whatever LAN address and password you have set up (see Figure 2-1).
  2. Under the Configuration tab, select Security on the main menu, select Advanced from the side menu, and then select Access Control List. The Access Control List screen displays. (see Figure 3-9).
  3. Figure 3-9  Access control list

  4. Check the Turn Access Control On checkbox to enable the access control feature.
  5. Select the desired access control database from the Select Access Control Database drop-down menu.The options are:
    • Local MAC Address Database - The access point will use the local MAC address table for access control. This is the default.
    • Remote MAC Address Database - The access point will use the MAC address table located on the external RADIUS server on the LAN for access control. If you select this database, you must configure the RADIUS server settings first (see Configuring the RADIUS Server Settings)
  6. The Trusted Wireless Stations list shows any wireless stations you have entered. If you have not entered any wireless stations this list will be empty. To delete an existing entry, select it and then click Delete.
  7. Click Refresh to refresh the Available Wireless Stations list (wireless stations found in your area that are associated).
  8. Select the station you wish to add to the Trusted Wireless Stations list from the list of Available Wireless Stations and click Move. Do this for each station you wish to add.
  9. If the station you want is not in the Available Wireless Stations list, enter the MAC address of the station manually in the Trusted Wireless Stations list. (You can usually find the MAC address printed on the bottom of the wireless adapter.)
  10. Click Add to add the wireless device to the Trusted Wireless Stations list. Repeat these steps for each additional device you want to add to the list.
  11. Click Apply to save your wireless access control list settings.

Now, only devices on this list will be allowed to wirelessly connect to the WN802T v2.

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