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Upgrading the Router Software

The routing software (also called firmware) of the WNDR3300 router is stored in flash memory, and can be upgraded as NETGEAR releases new software. Your router can download and install the new software, or you can download upgrade files from the NETGEAR website and manually send the upgrade file to the router using your browser

Tip: To ensure that you are always using the latest router firmware, enable the Firmware Upgrade Assistant feature so that the router will automatically detect a new version of the firmware on the Internet and alert you to its availability.


The Checking for Firmware Updates screen appears at login unless you clear the Check for Updated Firmware Upon Log-in check box.

Figure 6-6

A screen is also provided for upgrading the router. From the main menu of the browser interface, under Maintenance, select Router Upgrade to display the Router Upgrade screen.

Figure 6-7

From this screen, you can check for new software versions by clicking the Check button. If a new version is found, you can download and install it in one step. To enable the Smart Wizard to automatically check for a new software version upon login, select the Check for New Version Upon Log-in check box .

Alternatively, you can manually install an upgrade file stored on your computer.

Tip: Before upgrading the router software, use the router Settings Backup screen to save your configuration settings. A router upgrade might cause the router settings to revert to the factory defaults. If this happens, after completing the upgrade, you can restore your settings from the backup.

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