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WPS Push Button Client Setup

  1. On the WNHDE111, press the NETGEAR Push 'N' Connect WPS push button.

    Figure 2-2

  2. The WPS button will blink for no more than 2 minutes.

  3. Now, activate the WPS push button feature on your wireless client computer. For example, using the NETGEAR WNDA3100 USB Adapter, within the 2-minute period, push the picture of this button that the Smart Wizard displays.

    Figure 2-3

  4. The WPS button on the Wireless-N Access Point blinks while the two devices are connecting and exchanging the security key. Upon successfully connecting, WPS button on the AP will be on solid for about 6 minutes and then turn off. The settings page of the Wireless-N Bridge confirms your connection.

    On a NETGEAR adapter, you will notice on its settings page that WPS sent the security key from the access point to the USB adapter. In the future, you can add more WPS enabled wireless devices to your network just as easily.

    Repeat this step for each additional WPS push button enabled device you add to your network.

You are done! It was just that easy to set up a secure wireless connection between the Wireless-N AccessPoint/Bridge and your wireless computer.

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