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Configuring WPA

To configure wireless security:

Note: If you use a wireless computer to configure wireless security settings, you will be disconnected when you click Apply. Reconfigure your wireless computer to match the new settings, or access the wireless router from a wired computer to make further changes.

  1. Log in to the wireless router at its default LAN address of with its default user name of admin and default password of password, or using whatever user name, password, and LAN address you have chosen for the wireless router.
  2. Select Wireless Settings from the main menu. The Wireless Settings screen displays:

    Figure 2-4

  3. Select the radio button for the security option of your choice.
  4. The fields displayed on the screen depend on which security option you select.

  5. For WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK, enter the passphrase.
  6. If prompted, enter the settings for the RADIUS server. These settings are required for communication with the primary RADIUS server. You can configure a secondary RADIUS server, which is used if the primary Radius server fails.
    • Primary Radius Server IP Address. The IP address of the RADIUS server. The default is
    • Radius Port. Port number of the RADIUS server. The default is 1812.
    • Shared Key. This is shared between the wireless access point and the RADIUS server during authentication.
  7. Click Apply to save your settings.

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